Client Testimonials


Creating timeless, livable interiors is what matters most to our clients and we are pleased when they share their kind words of support. Patricia wholeheartedly believes the design process should be an enjoyable one. She appreciates each relationship she has with her clients.

We’ve used Tricia for two of our homes and have become friends. Her tastes are traditional. She understands when we say something is too expensive for our budget. I have loved everything she has done for us. She has lots of energy and personality.
— Christy & Mark Roberts, Atlanta GA

Tricia has helped us decorate for more than 20 years. My husband and I each knew her separately before we were married and Tricia has helped us with the interior design for all of our homes, from my husband’s “batch pad” to our newlywed digs on 28th Street and then through our next two houses. Most recently, Tricia helped us with a more-than-two-year project to restore a house built in 1935 for my husband’s grandparents. This special, multigenerational project has really allowed Tricia to shine. Tricia has been the perfect design partner. She helped us negotiate the architect’s process and offered great assistance in thinking through all the design decisions. She has mixed custom paint colors, custom-colored wallpapers, upholstered walls, reupholstered chairs and sofas that she helped us find over the years. Tricia has also found new treasures to pass down to our sons and to future generations. With lots of love and respect, we highly recommend Patricia McLean Interiors.
— Extremely Satisfied Clients, Atlanta, GA

Tricia designed my entire house, but we completed it room by room. She’s very accommodating and, as a result, my overall house kept looking better and better. My sister and I would walk into other people’s homes and whisper to each other that they need Tricia.
— Pamela Lawler, Charlotte, NC

Tricia’s ability to work with what you already have and stay within a budget makes her a standout designer. We used Tricia in all aspects of design when moving into our new home. She helped us with our immediate needs for paint color, floor coverings and furniture placement. After we were settled, we then addressed upholstery, window treatments and renovation work. Whether it’s a large project or a small one, Tricia gives each the same devoted attention. She also takes into consideration how a room will be enjoyed and not only makes a room beautiful, but also makes it functional. On a personal note, Tricia’s personality makes the task of design fun and exciting. She is a good “teacher” throughout the process and doesn’t just tell you what you should do. So when I am not sure why something does or doesn’t work, she educates me without dismissing my taste. Tricia certainly has bigger and more impressive clients, but the way she helps us makes us feel very special.
— Jane & Jon Hedgepeth, Atlanta, GA

Tricia is just such fun to work with. The first time we went shopping, I laughed so much I couldn’t believe it. She is great at finding that special something that makes a room come alive.
— Chevin Woodruff, Tiger, GA

Having Tricia help with our home interior design was such a joy. We built our house and she helped choose everything from door knobs to new furniture and draperies. Tricia has an amazing eye for paint color, fabrics and furniture placement. She has exquisite taste, but understands the realities of a busy family and helps to make choices appropriate for daily living. Tricia also understands that everyone does not have an unlimited budget. She steered us toward what was essential for our home and then helped us plan for pieces to add later. During the process of building our home, we became great friends and have continued our friendship. Not only is Tricia a lot of fun to work with, but also I would trust her opinion on choosing anything.
— Catherine & Bentley Long, Atlanta, GA

Patricia McLean is a true design professional and one of Atlanta’s most creative people. Her traditional design work is always appropriate and beautiful. She always blends old and new, perfect for today’s lifestyles, seamlessly blending fine antiques and great fabrics. Her work is a great demonstration of creativity, creating timeless and elegant spaces.
— Barry Hutner, Owner Parc Monceau Antiques